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I designed the web products, mobile app, a design system, and managed the design team at Brivo.

Brivo develops cloud-based access control software. It allows small businesses and enterprise security teams to remotely manage their devices, control door access, provision and sync credentials, monitor and track security events, and more. The platform can further be automated by integrated with existing identity providers, like Azure, Google, or Okta.

As Brivo’s first lead product designer, I worked closely with the product team to establish a culture and process to ship high-quality, well-researched design solutions. I led a small, two-person design team who created design solutions for all our web and mobile products.

Our team, product, and engineering worked closely to build a multi-platform design system, shipped 20+ major product features, and completely redesigned the two core products: Brivo Access and Brivo Mobile Pass.

Screenshot of Brivo Access

Brivo Access

Brivo Access is a unified platform for access control, user management, live event & video monitoring, and more. Whether securing a single door or hundreds across dozens of locations, the software allows small businesses and enterprises to manage their physical spaces, control access, and quickly respond to incidents.

  • Spearheaded the redesign of our flagship product—an integrated suite of access control and monitoring tools catering to business leaders and security teams.
  • Crafted a custom UI with responsive design, incorporating dark/light modes and accessible web components. Rooted in a bespoke design system inspired by Material Design principles.
  • Led the development of a new theme and design system, collaborating seamlessly with the product team. Responsible for delivering wireframes, mockups, prototypes, and conducting UX research to support the monthly release of 2-3 major product features.

Screenshot of Brivo Mobile Pass

Brivo Mobile Pass

Brivo Mobile Pass is the mobile credentials apps, allowing employees or smart home owners to access doors and devices with ease. Manage guest access, control smart home devices, and open doors remotely all from one easy-to-use mobile app.

  • Relaunched Brivo Mobile Pass in 2022 with new UI, onboarding, improved search experience, and several new usability-centric features.
  • My role was to navigate the product and engineering teams through the design process, validate our proposed solutions with user research, and to tie all components to our existing design system.

Screenshot of Brivo One

Brivo One

Developed a series of patterns and components that could be used by designers or developers. Created and maintained 30+ synced Figma & Vue-based Storybook components by collaborating with frontend engineers.

  • We maintained foundational systems (color, icons, typography, etc.), implemented design tokens, and developed a series of reusable patterns (for tables, forms, sidebars, etc.).
  • Created linked Figma libraries for all marketing and product design work.
  • The goal was to give a shared language and more collaborative workflows for designers & developers.