ESEN Studio

A media studio based in Stockholm, Sweden. ESEN Studio is a gaming lifestyle and esports channel that produces a wide range of shows. Their headline show, King of Nordic, is a regional tournament for Counter-Strike that streams to thousands of viewers on a weekly basis.


ESEN Studio was looking for a stylish, new brand for it’s parent company, as well as media & graphics production for its various shows; mainly King of Nordic.

My role

  • Advertising & Marketing Graphics
  • Brand & Logo
  • Broadcast Media
  • Video & Motion Graphic
  • colors



    Broadcast Package Design

    A set of templates for overlays, motion graphics, lower thirds, and more

    Advertising & Marketing Graphics

    Delivered graphics & templates for social media, partner websites, and for video productions

    Web Design

    Delivered a refreshed website that used their new brand

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