Hello there! Thanks for stopping by, and wanting to learn a little more about me. I'm a full-time designer working with the team at Dojo Madness, creating a next generation esports data analysis tool called Shadow. I'm also a photographer, blogger, homebrewer, gamer, coffee nerd, traveler, and more.

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16 - Current Dojo Madness Design Team Lead
14 - 16 Boundless Geo UX/UI Designer
12 - 14 Cvent Web Designer
12 Graduated from Shepherd University Communications major with a minor in Entrepreneurship and Marketing

Tools of the trade

Sketching & Wireframes

When working on low fidelity mockups, I find myself using Google Draw, Sketch, and the classic: pen and paper.

UI & Web Design

Most design takes place inside of Sketch. I can and do use Photoshop when needed. I share work & gather feedback using Zeplin.


Whenever I'm writing code, it's with Atom. I've used Codepen and Webflow on occasion. I use Prepros for a preprocessor.

Film & Video

Adobe Premiere for an nonlinear video editor and Adobe After Effects for motion graphics are my two go-to tools.


I use a pretty basic body (Canon T5i) with a bunch of lenses (my favorite right now is a Sigma 1.4 Art lens). I edit in Photoshop or Lightroom.

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A bit about me

I make craft beer

I'm a pretty serious homebrewer. I have a big basement brewery and tools of equipment. It's a fun hobby, and the end result is pretty tasty, too!

I'm always taking photos

While I do some professional photography, most of my work is as a hobby. I take photos of travel, food, beer, friends, you name it.

Live music runs in my blood

I grew around music and love going to shows. I regularly attend music festivals, big concerts, and smaller local shows. Here's a photo from a friends band playing at 123 Pleasant Street.

I've got a bit of wanderlust

I've solo travelled through Europe and around the United States. Hopefully I'll be able to travel South-east Asia or South America sometime soon.

I <3 Cooking

I cook at home constantly, and have a recipe book with over 200 hand-tweaked recipes. My favorite recipe is baja fish tacos with a sriracha kick. Yum.

Esports is a lifelong passion

I've been involved with competitive gaming for over 10 years, and have seen “esports” grow every year. This photo is from The International, a yearly tournament with over 10 million dollars in prize money.

I'm a recently naturalized American

While I born and raised in Canada, my family moved to West Virginia when I was a teenager. I've lived in the US ever since—and became an American in 2017.

Thinking about those beans again

I love coffee. I have a pourover I use almost every day. Here's a cup I had in Belgium.